Current Goals – January 2017

  1.  Get a job in B2B sales.
  2. Make friends in Australia.
  3. Increase sailing confidence.
  4. Stay in contact with old friends.
  5. Finish planning wedding.
  6. Be the best partner I can be for Marc.

I had a wonderful sales job in Chicago that I left to explore the world.  Best decision of my life, but now that we are more settled in Sydney, it is a great opportunity for me to settle back into career mode.  We plan to be here for quite a few years, so I have the chance to really dig in and grow in a career.

Marc and I have joined a running group that meets once a week to run and have some drinks at the bar called Hash House Harriets.  They are a really great group that I’m looking forward to getting to know better.  I will also make some new friends from my future job and our sailing boats.

We have been joining in at a few sailboat racing regattas every week and now have a few boats that we can join regularly.  My sailing skills are growing, but are still quite novice.  I plan to get better at this by reading more books and spending as much time as I can on the 30ft size boats where there is a lot more to do than on a 50ft.

This rest is pretty obvious, but in writing it down, is a great reminder to myself.

Do great things,






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